So, 2020 was the Year of Habits. I was going to set things up for the new decade, start making things more regular, going to the gym, writing regularly, doing more creative things and making sure I kept doing them on a steady basis.

Yearly Themes

Yearly Themes are based on the “Theme System” by CGP Grey and Myke Hurley. Instead of setting arbitary New Years Resolutions that — let’s be honest — nobody sticks to, a “Theme” is set for the Year. This Theme becomes a “Guiding Principle” to which your decisions and actions can be guided towards.

Drum Roll Please

So, for 2021 I’ve chosen “The Year of Foundation” to be my Theme. I’ve chosen this due to a number of things changing in 2020 which now require me to set up a new Foundation for the long term (ideally around the next 10+ years). It’s inherently multifaceted in what I’m focusing on and there are many different areas it’s going to apply to. So, let me get into the juicy details.

Family Foundation

2020 has seen a huge change to my family structure and it’s future. I won’t dwell on it here, but I lost a member of my family that was very close to me. After nearly a year of not being able to see them properly as well, to say 2021 and onwards will be different without them is more than an understatement.

Financial Foundation

In 2020, like many people, I lost my day job and had to find another one. Being made redundant is never easy — being made redundant in the middle of a global pandemic, even less so. I was out of work for 3 months in total, which although, even with bills, didn’t tip my bank balance into problematic territory, it did pretty much set me back to 0.

Work Foundation

Being made redundant and starting a new job in 2020 was more than a little jarring to say the least. It seemed to take forever to find something new that was a good fit but also seemed to fly by in a flash — just like the rest of this year!

Health Foundation

Fitness is always a struggle. Three years ago I was in my physical peak, I cycled to and from work four to five days a week, swam twice a week for an hour, and went on regular runs — to the point I did a Half Marathon and Tough Mudder on a whim. Then I moved house, and my routine changed — I didn’t put enough effort into ensuring I was running or swimming regularly. Cycling to work was no longer — logistically speaking — an option, and it became a “Hobby” rather than systematised as “The way I got to work”.

Technological Foundation

Alongside everything else — in 2021 I want to set myself up in the Apple Hardware Ecosystem, by which I mean Moving to iPhone, getting an iPad, and using them alongside my Macbook. For years I’ve been playing around with Android, MacOS, Windows, even Linux. However, with changing priorities I’ve been thinking less about tinkering with Operating Systems — tweaking things until they’re “just right”, and I just want something that works and works well. Technology for me is becoming more of a tool than a toy, I’m less interested in playing around with it and I’d rather just get things done on it. If it gets 80% of the way there, and does it nicely then I’m absolutely happy with that and am willing to jump all in.


Now… I have a lot of hobbies.

Final Thoughts

This is obviously going to be a busy and very broad year for me. I’m looking forward to it and am optimistic that it will be better than 2020. (please…. it’s got to be!)

I am a Creative trying to focus on capturing the quiet and peaceful moments of everyday life that are usually missed in today’s hectic world.